Getting it Up: How to Increase the Cam Score

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple months. I realize this topic is more geared towards camgirls but based on my analytics, it happens to be one of the most common phrases used to find my site. Clearly, increasing the cam score is of great importance, and with good reason, to cam girls.

My cam score has recently lagged from my spotty attendance but a couple months ago, I took a piece of advice from a viewer, and I saw a considerable jump in my score. I think at one point it was close to 1500, which was a big improvement over my 750 score. And trust me, it does make a big difference.

According to Myfreecams, the cam score is a secret formula. One viewer, we’ll call him Hank Moody, because that’s his real fake name, told me that one way to increase the cam score was to earn my tokens when the popular girls, the ones that really rack up the tokens, were less likely to be online. Incidentally, I know I am still keeping Hank secret because I know for a fact there is more than one Hank Moody on MFC. And if you don’t know who Mr. Moody is, you are missing out on some fine TV.

In any case, Hank claimed that the MFC cam score formula was based on not just the number of tokens you earn, but how you rank with earned tokens with other camgirls online at the same time. For example, if I earn 500 tokens during 1 hour of online time in the morning, where the average earnings during that same hour are 550, I will see a better increase in my cam score than if I earn 500 tokens in the evening when the top 20 camgirls are likely to be online and earning thousands of tokens during that same period.

I gave Hank’s theory a whirl. He suggested getting online in the morning to grab the morning boner crowd. I earned tokens, at a modest rate, and did see a bigger boost in my score than when I was earning the same amount at night. Some people feel that getting online during the day, as a routine, will never boost the camscore enough to make significant earnings and I do agree with that. The viewers are more plentiful during the night, yet there is more competition. But if your cam score is really low, tokens earned during the off-peak times appear to boost the cam score disproportionately.

Supposedly the number of rate and admires helps but I haven’t seen a huge impact from that, for me, anyway. Although, who doesn’t love to be admired?

4 thoughts on “Getting it Up: How to Increase the Cam Score

  1. “Camgirl analytics” sounds like a highly technical course catalogue offering.

    A more descriptive course title, like “Grab the Morning Boner Crowd,” would attract more students, but political correctitude probably requires less explicity, something like “Morningwood Solutions.”

  2. Do you keep a certain schedule for myfreecams? I would love to see you but you are never on when I look.

  3. Competition, competition! So if the other girl is making more than you per hour then your cam score goes down? Grr
    I’m all about going on in the am for that morning wood, but as you put it “The viewers are more plentiful during the night”.
    What to do, what to do?!

  4. I’m so glad I cam across your blog!! I am 3 months into being a cam girl on MFC, and I have been wondering about the cam scores as well. I work during the days, and I find that my cam score jumps after every show I do, which is a relief. It hasn’t jumped to the point I think it will bring a lot of traffic, but it’s moving. I find after private shows is when I see the biggest jump. I normally do shows in the off time, like you were saying, and I’ve been wanting to branch out at nights too to see if that will help as well.
    Keep up the great posts, your blog is awesome. you will be saved and followed! I hope you have a great day. I look forward to reading more from you!

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